Policymakers are rightly concerned about the balance sheets of younger Americans, particularly those in Generation Y, those now in their 20s and 30s. The economic challenges facing this millennial generation include intensifying global competition for good paying jobs, continuing rapid rates of technological change, the rising cost of higher education, delayed formation of families, and demographic shifts, among other hurdles.

To understand these challenges and consider new ideas and promising policy directions, the St. Louis Fed is convening the symposium The Balance Sheets of Younger Americans: Is the American Dream at Risk? on May 8−9. New and cutting-edge research from leading academics will be presented on a range of topics:

  • Economic mobility
  • Student loans
  • The state of younger people's balance sheets
  • Homeownership
  • Savings and balance sheet portfolio allocation
  • Financial decision making
  • Child development accounts and parental expectations

The keynote speaker is Neil Howe, a noted expert on generations and social change. Register early, as space is limited. Please direct inquiries to Bryan Noeth, 314-444-8646.