Papers and Presentations

The purpose of these System Committee meetings is to foster research in the areas of open economy macroeconomics, international trade and international finance. The workshops last a day and a half. This year's meeting included a panel discussion on forecasting and monetary policy making.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Welcoming remarks
John Rogers, Board of Governors

Hours Worked Over the Business Cycle in OECD Countries, 1960–2010 pdf
Andrea Raffo, Board of Governors

Lei Fang, Atlanta Fed [Presentation] pdf

Trade and Synchronization in a Multi-Country Economy pdf
Luciana Juvenal, St. Louis Fed

Roc Armenter, Philadelphia Fed [Presentation] pdf

International Transmission of Investment-Specific Technology Shocks with Incomplete Asset Markets
Enrique Martinez Garcia, Dallas Fed

Luca Guerrieri, Board of Governors

Risk, Returns, and Multinational Production pdf
Jose Fillat, Boston Fed

George Alessandria, Philadelphia Fed [Presentation] pdf

Time to Produce and Emerging Market Crises pdf
Felipe Schwartzman, Richmond Fed

Horacio Sapriza, Board of Governors [Presentation] pdf

New Keynesian Dynamics in a Low Interest Rate Environment pdf
Toni Braun, Atlanta Fed

Roberto Billi, Kansas City Fed [Presentation] pdf

Friday, April 29, 2011

Making Sense of China's Excessive Foreign Reserves pdf
Yi Wen, St. Louis Fed

Mark Spiegel, San Francisco Fed [Presentation] pdf

Fiscal Positions and Government Bond Yields in OECD Countries pdf
Joseph Gruber, Board of Governers

Christian Grisse, New York Fed [Presentation] pdf

Robust Control, Informational Frictions, and International Consumption Correlations pdf
Jun Nie, Kansas City Fed

Anastasios Karantounias, Atlanta Fed [Presentation] pdf

On the Sources of Oil Price Fluctuations
Luca Guerrieri, Board of Governors

Sylvain Leduc, San Francisco Fed

Panel on Forecasting and Monetary Policy Making

Neil Ericsson, Board of Governors; Michael McCracken, St. Louis Fed; and David Altig, Atlanta Fed

Self-Employment in the Global Economy pdf
Federico Diez, Boston Fed

David Arseneau, Board of Governors [Presentation] pdf

Emerging Market Business Cycles: The Role of Labor Market Frictions pdf
Bora Durdu, Board of Governors