A bank's entire public CRA file must be available at its main office. If your bank operates in more than one state, it must keep a file at one branch office in each of these states. You can ask to inspect this file, at no charge to you, any time the bank is open.

If you do your banking at a branch office, you can ask to see its CRA file, which contains a copy of the public section of the bank's most recent CRA performance evaluation and a list of services provided by your branch. Upon request, your branch must also provide for inspection, within five days, all the information in the public file relating to your branch's assessment area.

You may also ask a bank to provide you with a copy of its public CRA file for you to read at your convenience. The bank is allowed to charge you a reasonable fee, though, to cover the cost of copying and mailing.

Each office or branch of a bank must post a notice in its lobby that describes the purpose of the Community Reinvestment Act. This notice also explains that the public has a right to review a bank's CRA file and to make written comments about the bank's CRA performance. In addition, the notice names the federal regulator of the bank and states whether the bank is owned by a holding company.

picture of a bank lobby