Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Talk About Payments Webinar

Financial Exploitation of Aging Adults

November 10, 2022

Older adults make up the fastest-growing segment of the United States population. Along with this population growth has been an increase in the rate of financial exploitation of older adults. Many of the risk factors for financial exploitation of older adults are normal experiences of most, if not all, older adults, including retirement, major medical events, physical and cognitive declines, and the death of a spouse.

In this episode of our Talk About Payments, or TAP, webinar series on November 10, Drs. Thomas Blomberg and Julie Brancale, criminologists from Florida State University, describe the current research, theory, and policy responses associated with this growing social problem. They address the patterns and variations of financial exploitation of older adults and discussed why some older adults may be more vulnerable than others. The presentation concludes with a discussion of areas in need of additional research and policy attention. Scarlett Heinbuch, a payments risk expert at the Atlanta Fed, moderates the discussion.


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