New Data Digests Offer Greater Flexibility to Users

The Atlanta Fed's Regional Economic Information Network (REIN) recently updated its Data Digests with fully interactive charts. Data are on current economic activity and trends in employment and real estate in the Southeast and the United States.

Three new features have been integrated into the Digests. First, the charts are customizable. Users can select a specific set of states for each chart. As a result, if users want to look at the payroll employment for just Florida and Alabama, they can do so. Second, there's the ability to zoom in on a specific time period. Though most of the data spans 2000 to 2014, the zoom function allows users to dig into the data for a tighter window. Finally, all of the charts can be easily exported and downloaded.

REIN's Data Digests are more user friendly than ever. By being fully interactive, the Digests allow users to customize and download data with ease.